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SPRING BREAK Guru – Where Should You Go?

Whether you’re a party animal, adventurer or a laid back beach bum, whether you want the high life or to get down and dirty in the jungle we have the perfect set of experiences for your rite of passage.

With over 98% of our guests saying they wanna come back for more next year you know you’re in for a primo time!

You can hit up a different SPRING BREAK™ Experience each year or hit up multiple destinations throughout the season; that’s if you’re up to the challenge!

Each and every one of our five SPRING BREAK Experiences are a lifetime experience like no other (and via bulk buying, priced like no other too!) so to help you figure out which experience(s) suit you best we’ve mapped it all out for you here.

Let’s break it down!



SPRING BREAK Experience FIJI is the OG and simply must be seen to be believed. Party central night and day! We swear you’ll never have experienced anything like this!

We take exclusivity to the next level at Spring Break Experience FIJI. We’ve exclusively chartered an entire island, a 98ft party yacht and the incredible Cloud 9; the multi-level floating party platform. Just to make Spring Break Experience FIJI totally extra we take over our very own sandbank in the middle of the Pacific to party on – this is an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

If you’re new to the scene consider this a baptism by fire!

There’s access to activities like snorkelling, parasailing, jet skis and surfing, a ‘lil local culture thrown in and a few moments of relaxation, however, know SPRING BREAK Experience FIJI is for the young, wild and free party animals.



If you’re down for the party but also want an adrenaline thrill and adventure in the Pacific you’ve gotta get yourself booked onto Raro baby!

Don’t you worry, we still have huge parties every night with some of NZ’s best DJs but on SPRING BREAK Experience RARO during the days you’re free to get out there, get exploring and make your own memories on the island.

We’re talking the float party, mud buggies, natural wonders, game fishing all the way through to mini golf and paintball. If you and your crew are down for a little bit of everything then pre-book your scooters and we’ve got the entire resort chartered; Raro is ready for you to conquer!



SPRING BREAK Experience VANUATU is for all you guys and gals out there who enjoy the more luxurious side of life! Vanuatu is our most stylish SPRING BREAK Experience and you’re gonna love every second.

We party hard during the evenings and at the legendary blue lagoon during the day, don’t get us wrong! At SPRING BREAK Experience VANUATU, however, we take the time to soak it all in. Vanuatu is awesome, with its French heritage and incredible local produce (the food is second to none!) on top of zip lining, horse treks, and the underwater post box. Let’s not forget the terrain buggies that are for hire so you can drive around the island and check out the many stop offs that include snorkelling into the cockpit of WW2 plane wreck; epic!

Vanuatu has a touch of class you won’t find on any other trip! Exclusive 4-star resort, incredible food, great activities, epic cultural experiences and just the right amount of party time day and night. Spring Break VANUATU provides amazing scenes for all those Instagram shots!



We’ve taken everything you know and love about SPRING BREAK Experience and rolled it into one package!

With the exclusive charter of the 100% Samoan owned ‘Return to Paradise’ resort, nightly partying, the world renowned To-Sua trench party Spring Break SAMOA has it all! Add in a half day volunteer experience to support a local school, as well as turtle snorkelling, local markets, surfing, game fishing, daily yoga and sliding rocks tours for good measure. We’ve created the ultimate itinerary to make sure you and your crew get the chance to party, explore, give back and relax – the perfectly balanced experience that you so deserve.

At SPRING BREAK Experience SAMOA you get to embrace the local culture, explore this vibrant nation and, of course, have the time of your life!



This trip is all about giving back to the beautiful country of Fiji. SPRING BREAK Experience UPRISING is focused on connecting and experiencing Fiji in the most authentic way possible.

With the options of half day environmental volunteer work and another half day helping with a local school you’ll be able to connect and feel the true value of supporting those who truly appreciate it! This experience is incredibly rewarding and still includes all the elements of party and adventure you’ve come to expect from Spring Break…yes, we still have the river float!

There’s epic partying during the evenings and activities throughout the trip including zip lining through tropical rain forests and floating down the river with pop-up bars to keep you hydrated along the way. Along with the private charter of the incredible Uprising resort Spring Break UPRISING offers you the chance to relax and get in flow with those all-important Fijian vibes.

We don’t envy you, choosing which SPRING BREAK Experience to go on is a tough job. Rest assured though, picking your experience is as hard as it gets!

Once you’ve picked your destination just tick off the monthly balance, pack your bags and turn up at the airport ready for the time of your life!!!

We’re pumped, are you?

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