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VANUATU – 10 Amazing Photos of Vanuatu

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From the first island to the eightieth there is always something beautiful to photograph in Vanuatu. Be sure to clear some space on your phone you’re gonna become quite the photographer during this Spring Break!

Vanuatu provides the most picture perfect backdrop for your Spring Break Experience and although you’re probably focusing on snapping those sunsets there are plenty of photo ops further inland too!

So to help you dream a little bit harder about stepping off the plan in Vanuatu we’ve found the most amazingly photographic spots on the islands;

Dusk, Palm Trees, Squad…Perfect. Surely this is what living looks like?!

Or is this what living looks like? Hammock days in Vanuatu are just the best!

Hammock naps for the win 🌴

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Could there be anything better than getting off the beaten track and finding hidden gems like this? Nature at its finest, without a doubt! You chase them waterfalls people!

Although Vanuatu has some outstanding natural beauty to enjoy we’re still all about the party, the memories and the #CoupleGoals photos! You’ll never be this free again…unless you join us next year!

Stand on the sand and look at the sea, stand in the sea and look at the sand; it’s all about perspective! Just breathe, take it all in… you’re in Vanuatu baby!

Glitter in you hair, painted face and a smile you could see from space! This is Spring Break VANUATU!

We are this excited to be heading to Springbreak Vanuatu!!!

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Leave Nothing But Footprints…

Look for Nemo, look for Dory…be Ariel!

Don’t get scratched by the corral getting awesome shots like these!

Dreams do come true, go horse riding in the sea and gallop along the shore! #Dreamy

If that hasn’t got you buzzing for Spring Break VANUATU we don’t know what will! Don’t forget to tag us and use #SpringBreakVANUATU for a feature! See you there!

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