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The Original Spring Break

SPRING BREAK™ heritage ties back thousands of years to ancient Greek and Roman rituals where they celebrated the beginning of Spring each year with a festival. The celebration ‘Anthesteria’ welcomed the season of fertility where they worshipped their respective god of wine; Dionysus for the greeks and Bacchus for the Romans.

New Age Spring Break;
The Party
SPRING BREAK™ Experience is a chance to let your hair down, destress and just be you!
Our experiences are next level and the parties are legendary, you better be able to keep up!

The Holiday
Our event timetable not only offers you the best party of your life but also a huge chunk of time to chill out too. Get in that hammock, lie on that beach and just breathe…you’re in paradise after all baby!

And of course, The Rite of Passage
So not only does SPRING BREAK™ Experience mark the end of the year but a new beginning too. You will never be this free again, through our SPRING BREAK™ Experiences you’re going to be able to tick off the most incredible places and experiences available.

In short, SPRING BREAK™ Experience is the ultimate holiday to see out the year.

With all the stress of winter the SPRING BREAK™ Experiences are that perfect dream to aim for and every last detail is covered so you don’t have to worry about anything except getting ready for the time of your life!